Brother's Graduation + What I wear 16/8/14

7:07 PM

Hey yo!!
I'm back with another post, this just happened last weekend and I want to post this first before all the other post about my outing with my friends.
Well duh, this is more important to me.

My brother graduated from Uni!! Yay him!!!
My family and I went down to KL to attend his graduation.
Well duh, the first child in the family graduated from uni, how can we not go. ='D

Even though it is held in a convention centre, and the convocation is in a hall.
We needed to buy tickets to go in, so in the end my parents went in.
Me and my younger bro just waited outside the hall for almost 2 hours. =/
Well thanks to technology, we weren't that bored while waiting =D

We are siblings after all. =D
I purposely made my eyes smaller to match his. Lol
My brother's eyes is so small =D

Flowers for bro and his gf =)

Congratulation bro and bro's gf =D !!!

Family pic =) ♥♥

What I wore :
Mint Dress : Debenhams
Shoes : Toms

Meet my brothers, the ones who will never ever take good pics with me.
Welcome to my world. =D

If you can't beat them, join them, right? hahha =D ♥♥

I know this is a short post.
I'll update one more post this week too =)
So wait for it yea =))

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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