Dolphin Watch 26/12/13

6:01 PM

Hello pretty girls and boys out there =D
I know I'm still doing late events from Dec.
So so sorry!!!
Just hang in there a bit more.
I will speed up!! =D 
So, please bear with me
Thank you! =)

On Christmas Eve, my uncle made a last minute trip to Kuala Setapang to watch DOLPHINS!!!
I know right?! Dolphins in Malaysia is just so not right!!
We were just so excited after we heard, so we just said yes right away.

On 26/12/13 early morning.
We left Penang at around 6 something in the morning.
And we need to reach Kuala Sepatang at 8am.
We rent a boat and it have to depart at that time,
Cause the dolphins are active in the morning at around 9am.

So we did it eventually, haha
Cause we were so scared that we are going to be late. 
Anyway we got on the boat. =D

Our first attempt to take the pic of the dolphin .
Which is freaking hard!!
Cause I don't have the right lens to take so it become a challenge!

Some pic were took from the phone, so quality ain't good. Sorry

These are some pics that we took and is not blur!! 
While watching dolphins, we were standing on the boat walking and turning like 360 degrees on the boat!
So the boat is slanting left and right after every turn and steps we made.

The best pic ever of the day!!
Cause we get to see the head of the dolphin =DD

Since I gave up taking pics of the dolphins.
I took a video from my phone camera.
It's not really HD, but you will still get to see it =)

Then after watching the dolphins, we went to see wild eagles =D
The tour guide throw some chicken fats and we waited for the eagles to come =D

This is a place that you can rent and stay.
Living in the middle of the sea. 

Their fish farm.
Look at that fish jump!! =D

Then at around 11am we went back shore.
Had lunch!! =D
Seafood is the best here =) *Thumbs Up*

Fried shrimps

Fried crabs.

Fish soup.

 Fried squids. =DD

A whole table of food!! =D

Noodles with crabs. Yumsss!!

A little bit of selfies even though I'm tired =/ =DD

So that's all for our half day dolphin watch in Malaysia =D
Hope you all like it
And will see you guys again =))

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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